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~Yes, there really is a Sarabeth's. ~


Sarabeth Levine

A versatile professional, Sarabeth is an acclaimed pastry chef, fruits spread maker, restaurateur, and cookbook writer.
It all started from the recreation of a secret family recipe...


1943Born in New York City.
1978Takes over from her aunt the family recipe passed down since 1780, and begins her research and study.
1980Makes an Orange-Apricot Marmalade at her small home kitchen and starts its sale.
1981Opens a small bakery restaurant with her husband Bill on Amsterdam Avenue.
1983Opens Sarabeth's East.
1986Opens Sarabeth's West.
1996Opens a jam factory in the Bronx. Receives the "Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year Award" from the acclaimed James Beard Foundation.
1998Opens Sarabeth's Bakery in Chelsea Market.
2005Opens Sarabeth's Key West in Florida.
2005Opens Sarabeth's Central Park South.
2008Opens Sarabeth's Lord & Taylor, New York City.
2009Opens Sarabeth's Lord & Taylor, Garden City.
2011Opens Sarabeth's Tribeca.
2012Opens Sarabeth's LUMINE SHINJUKU.
2013Opens Sarabeth's Park Avenue South.
2014Opens Sarabeth's Shinagawa.
2015Opens Sarabeth's Osaka.
Opens Sarabeth's Seoul.
Opens Sarabeth's Tokyo.
2016Opens Sarabeth's Taipei.
2017Opens Sarabeth's Nagoya.

A recipient of many more acclaimed awards, Sarabeth has appeared on many TV programs, newspapers and magazines, while participating in volunteer activities, women's social participation activities, as well as education programs that teach children the joy and the significance of cooking.

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